Events to Attend if You Are Interested in Starting a Business

These are groups that help launch startups! They help your vision become a reality. This is great for networking and sharing ideas.

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    Startup Weekend Introductory Video

    <div>The highlights of Vancouver's 2011 Startup Weekend. Competing teams of developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts are given 54 hours to come together to share ideas, form teams, build productions and launch startups. </div><br>This is a great video to see what Startup Weekend is all about! Highlights are the best way to find out if this is the right event for you.

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    Startup Weekend

    Startup Weekend is a non-profit organization that&nbsp;organizes several 54-hour weekend events. During these events,&nbsp;groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams around those ideas and work to develop a working prototype, demo or presentation by Sunday evening. Startup Weekend has grown into an organization with a global presence. This is a great place to start if you are interested in startups!

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    CEO of Women 2.0 video

    Andaaz sits down with Shaherose Charania, a Canadian-born entrepreneur who lives and works in San Francisco. She is best for being the&nbsp;Co-Founder and CEO of Women 2.0, a media company offering content, community and conferences for aspiring and current women innovators in technology. This is a great video that makes you think about getting involved with startups. Though it is primarily for women, it has a great message and great content for everyone.

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    StartupMonthly &nbsp;helps communities of&nbsp;entrepreneurs from&nbsp;around the world create, quickly innovate and build startups in&nbsp;Mobile, Online and Information Technology&nbsp;markets. When joining StartupMonthly, you engage in the following activities: Startup Accelerators, Startup Socials, Office hours with mentors and training.

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    Google Groups

    This is Google groups which offers advice for startup companies. People ask questions like "Who do I make a website for?" and another user who knows about startups would leave a post. &nbsp;It is similar to&nbsp;a message board and is very useful.

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    Startup Grind

    Educate, inspire, connect. Helping startups be successful. Networking with the Smartest Startups. This website offers a lot and is&nbsp;designed to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs. They host monthly events in more than 40 cities and 20 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons they have&nbsp;learned while building great companies.

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    Women 2.0

    Female founders and women entrepreneurs starting up! &nbsp;Women 2.0&nbsp;<span>is a media company offering content, community and conferences for aspiring and current women innovators in technology. Their mission is to increase the number of female founders of technology startups with inspiration, information and education through their platform.<br></span>

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    StartupMonthly Video

    Hermione checks out StartupMonthly, "A Startup Accelerator." This video answers a lot of questions about why this event is so helpful with gaining experience and getting feedback!

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    Lean Startup Machine

    &nbsp;Lean Startup Machine is&nbsp;an intensive three-day workshop which teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to create products. This event makes everyone work on a brand&nbsp;new idea in teams. Each team then develops its problem hypothesis, solution hypothesis and a series of assumptions which are core to the success of their business. This website has all of the information you will need&nbsp;to join one of&nbsp;these events!

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    Startup America Partnership

    <span>"We highlight the importance of startups as innovators and job creators. We give startups access to the relationships, opportunities and knowledge they need to succeed. We celebrate entrepreneurship as a core American value. We aspire to make creating or joining an American startup the most desirable job in the world. "<br><br>The Startup America partnership is another group that helps startups. &nbsp;They want to see startups grow bigger and become more&nbsp;advanced. Clicking this link&nbsp;will take you to the website where you can learn more about Startup America and get involved. It gives you&nbsp;</span>access to relationships, opportunities and knowledge.

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    Dolphin Tank

    Springboard Enterprises Co-Founder Match can help. There are two&nbsp;simple steps to get started connecting with thousands of potential co-founders: 1.) Create a free&nbsp;entrepreneur profile 2.) Check out an event in a city near you. <span>Springboard Enterprises is the premier platform where influential people, investors and innovators meet to help women build :big businesses starting small." Springboard sources and&nbsp;coaches showcase and support women-led companies seeking equity capital for product development and expansion.<br></span><br>Dolphin tank is a popular event Spingboard created to be similar to&nbsp;the popular show "Shark tank." this event&nbsp;primarily focuses on&nbsp;women.

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    Startup America Partnership video

    By watching this video, you learn about the group's history and why startups are so important to America.

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    Lean Startup Machine video

    Lean Startup Machine was sponsored by Toronto Standard. You build a startup in 48 hours. This video&nbsp;is of&nbsp;people who have attended a&nbsp;Lean Startup Machine workshop giving their advice on the event.&nbsp;

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    Startup Grind 2013 Highlight Video

    This video is a full recap of Startup Grind's 2013 global event! This is so exciting to watch and truly makes you want to participate in Startup Grind. It's about community looking to be educated, and a network with the smartest startup minds. I loved this video because of how much you see the "Hustle" in startups. It gave me the chills!

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