Every talk from TEDxGrandviewAve 2013

This is the complete playlist from TED.com of the full videos from every talk at TEDxGrandviewAve in Pittsburgh, PA in February 2013.

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    To Understand Depression, Understand Fun: Erika Forbes

    Erika Forbes, PhD, is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh and director of the Affective Neuroscience and Developmental Psychopathology Lab. She completed her AB at Harvard University and her PhD at the University of Pittsburgh.

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    Pragmatic faith: solving impossible problems: Jia Ji at TEDxGrandviewAve

    Jia Ji is a serial social entrepreneur and founder of Couchange, a social finance company that builds online donation platforms for nonprofits. Prior to that, Jia was president and founder of Flying Fish Media and helped launch Dancetown, an exercise gaming system for seniors that was acquired by Cobalt Flux.

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    Friendship in the Age of Facebook: Rory Varrato

    Rory Varrato, originally from western Pennsylvania, currently attends Arizona State University, where he graduated cum laude from Barrett, the Honors College with a B.A. in History after defending an undergraduate thesis titled Second Nature: A Practical Application of Nietzsche's Philosophy of History for Life.

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    You Can Change Your Brain: Matthew Keener

    A physician and brain imaging researcher, Dr. Keener is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh and the CEO and founder of Emodt health design. Emodt is the world's first emotional digital therapeutic firm, where doctors, designers and big-data researchers alike, work together to design emotional health in multiple dimensions of our lives.

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    Braddock, PA: Compassion, Generosity, and Hard Work: John Fetterman

    Mayor John Fetterman was attracted to Braddock, PA by the town's tragic arc of history and malignant beauty. Founded around the site of Andrew Carnegie's first steel mill, Braddock's fortunes declined in lockstep with the American steel industry. As the town's population fell from a peak of more than 20,000 to just 2,300, its buildings, infrastructure and economy unraveled.

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    A blueprint for entrepreneurship: Don Charlto

    Don Charlton is Founder and CEO of The Resumator, a venture-backed software company that builds tools to help small and growing organizations easily manage their hiring. Don blended his love of fine art with software engineering by earning a BFA in Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1999.

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    TEDxGrandviewAve.com - our homepage

    This is our homepage. Check us out, and get ready for our next event!&nbsp;<br><br>Innovation in Pittsburgh is rising. We have incredible inventors, devoted entrepreneurs, inspired artists and perceptive humanitarians. As a city we stand on the edge of innovation. Every day, members of our community realize the unknown in meaningful and profitable ways.

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    Creating a Living City: Christine Mondor

    Christine Mondor, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, evolveEA, is an eternal optimist regarding the power of design in shaping a sustainable environment. Christine has been active in shaping places, processes and organizations nationally and internationally for over fifteen years through her work as an architect, educator, and activist.

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    Ending Death in the Workplace with Data: Justin McElhattan

    Justin McElhattan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Scientific Corporation, a global leader in gas detection and safety analytics. As president &amp; CEO, Justin is responsible for leading the company's 950 employees across 22 countries as they drive towards the vision of ending death on the job in this century.

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    The Beauty Effect: Nicki Zevola

    Nicki Zevola is the CEO of FutureDerm, Inc. She has been nationally recognized as a successful blogger and social media expert. Beginning in 2007, FutureDerm.com has investigated the science behind beauty and has grown to be one of the world's top beauty blogs.

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