Everything you need to know to build a Wordpress website.

The Code Ninjas dojo is a full featured tutorial system, with step by step guides and video tutorials teaching users how to build their own websites with mutiple CMS systems. Our current tutorials cover Wordpress 3.5, we are awaiting the big 3.6 update in order to add a huge amount of new videos and then plan to expand into Drupal and other systems, as well as extend our Wordpress library to include e-commerce, social networks and more. Learn to build any kind of website you want with step-by-step guides. Oh, and it's all absolutely free!

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    Code Ninjas Dojo - Free Wordpress, Drupal, CMS and Website tutorials.

    The Code Ninjas Dojo is a free training center for individuals interested in learning how to build their own websites, provided by the development company, Code Ninjas. New videos and tutorials will be released every week or so.

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