Examples of Artist Websites

Great examples of artist websites to give you some inspiration.

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    Cedar Lee is a California-based contemporary artist specializing in original oil paintings with inspiring nature and cosmic themes–paintings of tree canopies, redwood forests, and Tree of Life imagery, as well as many elements of the sky and space–the sun, the moon, stars, nebulae, and solar eclipses in fantasy landscapes. Cedar’s work has been purchased for private collections in at least 17 U.S. states and around the world as far as Canada, Sweden and Italy.

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    9 Great Artist Websites

    An article on the Abundant Artist reviewing some artist websites. This is a few years old now, but still provides some nice examples and insight.

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    Pet Portrait Paintings + Dog & Cat Art by Melissa Smith Hart

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    Ann ReaCalifornia's Contemporary Landscape Artist

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    Natasha Wescoat

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    Austin Kleon describes himself as "a writer who draws".

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    Original Abstract Art and Modern Painting by Canadian Artist Matt LeBlanc.

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    Kelli Bickman Art website

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    Lori McNee is a Fine Artist with a great website.

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    Montana artist inspired by adventure and nature creates innovative bold spiritual art. | AmberJean

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    Kelly Rae Roberts' website

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