Examples of Artist Websites Built with Weebly

Weebly is a fantastic website building platform. Here are some examples of artist websites built with it!

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    Artist Website

    This is a great site because the creator has tons of examples of her artwork. Everything is easy to find and well organized. The site is clean and uncluttered so it is visually appealing. 

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    Painter Website

    This is a weebly site for a person who creates hand painted artwork. The great features of this site is that it contains a gallery of various work. It also has a before & after page so that you can see the changes that the artwork made in the room. It is important to have a contact page that makes it easy for visitors to get in touch with the artist. 

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    Photography website

    <u></u>This is a website for a photographer. She does an excellent job showing examples of her work. She also describes the different services she offers to her clients. These are things you will want to share on your website. The examples of work you show should be your absolute best. You also want to describe the services you offer so that people know what you can do for them.<br>

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    Doll Maker

    This creator has made a site to sell her handmade dolls. Note that the creator has a page where she describes the process of making the dolls. Describing how you created your art and what materials you used helps appeal to the potential buyers because they will be able to appreciate all of the hard work you put into creating you work.

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    Bird Art - Pet Portraits - Wildlife

    This website is focused on selling art. The artist keeps the background simple so that focus is on the art.

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    Create a Free Website with Weebly

    Website of artist and teacher Brad LeDuc based out of Kansas. Brad does a great job organizing his styles on different pages. It is also nice that he included his artist statement so that visitors to the page can get an understanding of who he is as an artist.

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