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    Balance Sheet Template for Excel

    The balance sheet is a very important financial statement that summarizes a company's assets (what it owns) and liabilities (what it owes). A balance sheet is used to gain insight into the financial strength of a company. You can also see how the company resources are distributed and compare the information with similar companies.

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    Income Statement Template for Excel

    An income statement or profit and loss statement is an essential financial statement where the key value reported is known as Net Income. The statement summarizes a company's revenues and business expenses to provide the big picture of the financial performance of a company over time.

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    Profit and Loss Template for Excel

    A Profit and Loss Statement is another name for the Income Statement. If you want to create a profit and loss statement, you can use our income statement template and change the title. The Profit and Loss Template below is used for creating a 3-year projection, or an estimate of how you expect your business to perform from year to year.

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    Cash Flow Statement Template for Excel

    The Cash Flow Statement, or Statement of Cash Flows, summarizes a company's inflow and outflow of cash, meaning where a business's money came from (cash receipts) and where it went (cash paid). The cash flow statement is a standard financial statement used in conjunction with the balance sheet and income statement.

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    Net Present Value Calculator

    Companies use the Net Present Value (NPV) calculation to help decide whether an investment will add value in the long run, to compare different investment options, and to decide whether to introduce a new product.

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    Excel Dashboards

    Dashboard reports allow managers to get high-level overview of the business. Excel is an excellent tool to make powerful dashboards that can provide analysis, insight and alert managers in timely manner. In this page (and others linked here) you can find a lot resources, templates, tutorials, downloads and examples related to creating dashboards using Microsoft Excel.

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    Balance Sheet Template | Free Balance Sheet Template | Excel Balance Sheet Template

    For any business to keep an accurate track of finances, it is necessary to have a properly filled out balance sheet. This balance sheet not only allows you to keep a track of where money comes and goes from, but it also gives a broad idea of the company's success.

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    Profit and Loss Statement Template | Profit and Loss Statement Excel Template | Profit and Loss Statement Template Excel

    One of the most crucial elements of keeping a business in profit is to ensure the use of a profit and loss statement template. The use of a profit and loss statement template is especially important for small business owners as it is easier for a small business to lose money without being aware of it.

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