Externalities of Fossil Fuels

Externalities are those unpriced effects that either help or hurt others who are not part of the original transaction. To be used in my Economics course.

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    Micro 6.3 Negative Externalities: Econ Concepts in 60 Seconds-Externality

    Mr. Clifford's 60 second explanation of negative externalities (aka: spillover costs). Notice that there are two different supply curves. One is the marginal private cost which ignores the spillover costs and the other is the marginal social cost (MSC) which includes the additional costs to society.

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    Economics of Energy Part 1 - University of California, San Diego | Coursera

    Video created by University of California, San Diego for the course "Our Energy Future". Examines how energy production and use affects the economy, our wellbeing, and our heath. It will also look at how energy impacts the poorest communities, the external costs of traditional energy, and how we can regulate energy and incentivize renewable energy.

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    The Environmental Externality Costs of Petroleum.

    An older (1994) paper by suggesting the environmental costs alone of gas should be $45 a barrel (55 gallons to a barrel). And note this was from 1994 when oil was $16 a barrel!

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    The True Cost of Oil: $65 Trillion a Year?

    The real reason $71 billion of new capital was poured into the renewables sector last year...

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    Automotive Externalities and Policies

    If you are going to read only one of these articles make it this one By Perry, Walls, and Harrington.

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    The Real Cost of Gas

    Very well done

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    List of Negative and Positive Externalities of Oil Spill - SimplyEducate.Me

    Well, I guess there are positive externalities too. I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention them. "Many people view oil spills as grossly disadvantageous to everyone. In reality, there are benefits gained by some sectors from disasters like this. "

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    Think gas is too pricey? Think again.

    How much does a gallon of gasoline cost? It seems like an easy question. You might ask whether I mean regular or premium, and where in the country I'm buying. Beyond that, though, the price is displayed in giant numbers on most main roads. It's such common knowledge that we ask politicians to rat...

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    What is the carbon tax?

    At the centre of the government's policy on climate change is pricing carbon. Many commentators and politicians have referred to this as a "carbon tax". The idea is that polluters will pay per tonne of carbon they release into the atmosphere.

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