Father who left son in hot car charged with murder

A Georgia man left his toddler in a hot car for seven hours, causing the child to die from overheating.

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    Dad in Georgia Hot Car Death Charged With Murder

    A Georgia man whose son died after he was left in a hot car for seven hours has been charged with murder in the toddler's death. A Cobb County grand jury on Thursday indicted Justin Ross Harris on multiple charges including malice murder, felony murder and cruelty to children.

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    Mother in Hot Car Death Being Treated as a 'Victim'

    The mother of a Georgia boy who died in a hot-car tragedy in June may be legally cleared in the case, her lawyer said. Cobb County's District Attorney sent Leanna Harris a victim impact statement, identifying her as a victim in the case of 22-month-old Cooper -- and requiring her to detail how the loss has affected her.

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    At least 17 children have died after being left in hot cars this year. A look at how this keeps happening.

    Who leaves a child in a hot car? Parents on their way to work sometimes do it. So do parents who are rushing to the restroom or tackling odds and ends around the house. Sometimes, drowsy parents nod off; sometimes, the parent (allegedly) smokes pot, eats pizza and watches HBO unaware of the looming tragedy.

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    Automakers never developed technology to stop hot car deaths. Parents and teens are doing it instead.

    Thirteen years ago, in the spring of 2001, General Motors announced that it was working on a new technology that would help prevent the unthinkable: the deaths of children forgotten by their parents in hot cars.

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    Park sought in memory of Georgia toddler Cooper Harris who died after left in sweltering SUV by father

    Fundraising is underway to build a memorial park in honor of a Georgia toddler who died after he was left in his father's sweltering SUV for seven hours in June.

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    Justin Ross Harris's Wife Calls Him a 'Wonderful Father'

    Leanna Harris is standing by her husband. Ever since Justin "Ross" Harris was charged with murder after leaving their 22-month old son, Cooper, in a hot car, questions have swirled around Leanna, his wife of eight years. In a July 3 probable cause hearing, Detective Phil Stoddard testified about a bizarre jailhouse conversation between Ross and Leanna Harris.

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    Police: Dad intentionally left toddler in hot car

    Justin Ross Harris was a devoted and loving father who talked about his toddler son often, his friends and family say. But prosecutors have portrayed him as a man unhappy in his marriage who exchanged nude photos with several women as his son died in a hot SUV.

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    Out of Fear, Dad Invents "Hot Car App"

    We've all driven off to work with a lot on our minds, and maybe forgot something along the way. And each year, many parents get out of the car and forget that their child is still in the back seat.

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