Financial Bubbles II

A further look at financial bubbles and the science behind them

  1. Stock Market Bubbles -- Jason Zweig Says it's Not Easy to Do

    WSJ Personal Finance columnist Jason Zweig stops by Mean Street to point out that spotting stock market bubbles is harder than it looks.

  2. Neuroscience May Help Us Understand Financial Bubbles

    New research published in the journal Neuron suggests that market bubbles are in fact driven by a biological impulse to try to predict ho...

  3. Mind over money with Paul Zak

    Irrational decision-making is at the heart of our current economic downturn, say psychologists and economists alike. Americans bought hom...

  4. Is it gullibity?

    Does gullibility increase prior to bubbles?

  5. A Literature Review of Social Mood

    (2006). A Literature Review of Social Mood. Journal of Behavioral Finance: Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 193-203. doi: 10.1207/s15427579jpfm0704_2

  6. Not only a good review of bubbles, but a look at risks associated as well

    "Overall, the main problem is not the price correction per se, but the fact that the necessary correction often occurs only very late, ...

  7. Is it institutions or not

    An early paper by Lakonishok, Shleifer, and Vishny (1992) concluded institutions were not to blame.

  8. Institutional Herding

    Abstract "Institutional investors' demand for a security this quarter is positively correlated with their demand for the security last qu...

  9. Monkeys Follow Social Cues Like People

    New research could give the old saying "monkey see, monkey do" some actual scientific backing.

  10. A look at the language of the street

    After examining 18,000 online articles published by the Financial Times, The New York Times, and the BBC, scientists discovered that verb...

  11. Google queries and stock market volumes: Financial markets and Internet's 'swarm intelligence' linked, researchers find

    Financial markets and the 'swarm intelligence' of the internet are linked, according to a new study in which search engine query data wer...

  12. Plants and animals under stress may provide the key to better stock market predications

    Stock markets react to crisis in a similar way to plants and the human body, according to a major new study that may help to predict futu...

  13. Ordered fear plays a strong role in market chaos

    When the current financial crisis hit, the failure of traditional economic doctrines to provide any sort of early warning shocked not onl...

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