Financial intermediaries

This will be a toolset for Advanced Corporate Finance (Fin 401 at SBU) and MBA 610 (Financial Management)

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    The Role of Financial Intermediaries in the Financial System

    Financial Intermediaries exist to lower transaction costs.&nbsp; I use this to start almost all of my classes.<br>

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    WIkipedia has a pretty good page covering the history of the NYSE<br>

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    The Birth Of Stock Exchanges

    A look at the history of stock markets from wandering "brokers" to the founding of the first markets<br>

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    WHITEBOARD: What is a ratings agency, anyway?

    How credit agencies work from Marketplace on Vimeo.&nbsp; Great stuff with a simple example<br>

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    S&P | 2012 Annual U.S. Corporate Default Study And Rating Transitions | Americas

    A look at defaults and credit ratings.&nbsp; The key takeways here: Table 1&amp;3 --note the default rate for speculative vs investment grade. AND Chart 3 =&gt; bad times lead to more defaults. <br>

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