Finding a Co-Founder for your Startup

Don’t know where to start? Finding a Co-founder is a great place to start! Here are some helpful sites that will make finding a Co-founder a little easier.

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    Founder Dating

    Here is how Founder Dating works, hungry entrepreneurs look to start their next company and apply for a membership.  Founder dating then screens the applicants and looks for the entrepreneur’s skill sets.  Last Entrepreneurs connect with other entrepreneurs online. It’s that simple!

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    Startup Speed Founder Dating

    everyone agrees the process of finding the right business partner for any startup is difficult. This is an article about Founder Dating its great for more background information!

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    Find a co-founder for your startup business in any industry and in any city at CoFoundersLab, your best resources for finding a co-founder. I found this very helpful and user friendly!

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    CoFounder's Lab Video

    This is CoFounder's Lab short Story film Type.  CoFoundersLab is changing the way entrepreneurs find their co-founder across every industry through in-person Meetups and an online matchmaking platform. This video shows how easy it is to use CoFounder's Lab!

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    Providing entrepreneurs around the world with inspiration, opportunity, and connections! It is very basic on the site and has many entrepreneurs to pick from!You click on their picture and more details come up in a profile. The profile is almost like a trading card; it has their picture, information, and experience. When you find a match, you can then send them a message to see if they want to get involved!

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    YouNoodle Interview

    YouNoodle, a company started in March 2007 by two Oxford University graduates Kirill Makharinsky and Bob Goodson hopes to automate part of the vetting process in startups, by looking at the entrepreneur and the team.&nbsp;<br><br>I really enjoyed this interview! It went over a lot of important information on how his startup became successful! It also gives you background information around YouNoodle, which can help you decide if you want to use this!

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    Stanford Graduate School of Business

    Stanford Graduate School of Business has an entrepreneurial summer program, which&nbsp;<span>&nbsp;hire Stanford &nbsp;Bus School interns cheap!<br><span>&nbsp;Stanford Graduate School of Business&nbsp;accomplish this by:<ul><li>Supporting ground-breaking research and education that advances entrepreneurial thinking.</li><li>Connecting, enabling, and inspiring Stanford students and alumni to create and scale innovative new ventures.</li><li>Creating a hub for the interests and pursuits of the entrepreneurial community —faculty, students, alumni, practitioners, and investors.</li></ul>This is a great place to start looking!<br></span></span>

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    AngelList Talent

    AngelList Talent is one of&nbsp;the best collection of startup jobs. See salary, equity, team and fundraising information. Apply to jobs in one click. It is great for Startups to meet investors and to meet talent.

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    9 Tips for Raising Startup Funds on AngelList

    This gives you nine tips on how to raise funds for startups using Angel List! It is a great article and you learn the basics from Angel List.

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    <span>With FoundersHookup&nbsp;Less than 1/3 of Applicants&nbsp;are accepted. If you are accepted the service is free. Then you&nbsp;receive connections with other co-founder prospects where there is mutual interest to meet to begin working on your startup.<br><br></span>

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    PartnerUp Community

    PartnerUp Community is a&nbsp;small business site to find partners, business opportunities, real estate, etc.The&nbsp;features and functions are&nbsp;aimed at providing the most complete and efficient small business networking experience possible.&nbsp;

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    Find Meetup groups near you

    Find Meetup Groups just about anywhere! This is the home page of Meetup and it helps people find meet ups.

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