Finding Excel Classes

These comprehensive courses give you a holistic understanding of how to use Microsoft Excel from basic functions to the most advanced.

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    Excel Basics Series

    Learn Excel from the Basics to the Advanced. A systematic, logical story about Excel that explains from the beginning theories of how to construct efficient systems of spreadsheets and then points you towards the Beautiful Excel infinity at the other end!

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    Highline Excel Class

    This is a comprehensive Excel class taught by Mike Gel excelisfun Girvin at Highline Community College. You will see a review of Excel basics and then move on to intermediate and advanced topics in Excel.

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    Excel Finance Class

    Learn about Finance and Excel: 1. Introductory course in corporate financial management. 2. We will study beginning concepts associated with the allocation of scarce resources across assets over time. 3. Understand financial statements and cash flow. 4. Understand and make valuation of future cash flow calculations. 

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