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To interact more with Helpified and to see further updates and dialogue, follow one of our many social media profiles!

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    Helpified on Google+

    Here, we syndicate a lot of our blog posts and follow thought leaders in the business and education industries. Join one of our public hangouts, or request a private hangout with any of our team members!

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    Helpified on CrunchBase

    CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit. Find out the latest company milestones here.

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    Shane Hvizdzak on Github

    Follow our founder on Github for any open source projects, or code collaboration.

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    Helpified on Pinterest

    Here, we organize instructional material that is already present on Pinterest. We also add some of our historical material and posts.

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    Helpified on Facebook

    We try to update this as much as we can with news articles and stories around our company and community.

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    Helpified on LinkedIn

    For company-specific updates and for more professional networking and information purposes, follow us here!

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    Helpified on Twitter

    This is where we make the most frequent updates. Follow us here for up to the minute news on Helpified happenings. And, utilize this channel for any support issues or questions!

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