Food and Gardening in Haiti

A true work in progress. I should make it private, but since many of you know INFINITELY more about this than I, I am hoping for some cool links to help some friends in Haiti get their own gardens going.

  1. A true Work in Progress

    Think of this as a wiki page. If you have a link, or know of what works in Haiti please let me know. I am putting this together for BonaR...

    1 min read
  2. Backyard Gardening in Tanzania

    I LOVE the Burlap bag idea

  3. ORE development projects in Haiti: to improve environmental, agricultural and economic conditions

    ORE is a non-profit organization working with development projects to improve the environmental, agricultural and economic conditions in ...

  4. Urban Garden Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Orphanage. Tabarre, Haiti

    work and Urban Garden training conducted at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Orphanage. Tabarre, Haiti. Urban Garden Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos...

  5. Using Shade cover in Haiti to grow food - Professional Gardener Forum - GardenWeb

    This forum is for the discussion of those matters which primarily concern professional gardeners, horticulturists, landscapers, etc. Plea...

  6. Growing Strength to Grow Food: Haitian Farmers Win Annual U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance Prize

    By Beverly Bell, Other Worlds The US Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA) works to end poverty, rebuild local food economies, and assert dem...

  7. Lambi Fund of Haiti - Rescources

    What is working in Haiti

  8. Haiti: Urban Agriculture

    Pictures (and videos) tell a thousand words! (Thank goodness since I could understand none of the speaking)

  9. Learn Grow Food Plants Of Haiti

    Pictures and descriptions of food plants that grow in Haiti. A work in progress, but of great potential for local use. Produced under a R...

  10. 2012 Land for Life Award Winner SOIL Haiti

    Using Human waste is a big step for beginners, but something to shoot for.

  11. How to Build Tire Gardens | Part 1: Materials

    There are a whole series of these tire garden videos. I am not sure if any chemicals leach from the tires, but it seems to work.

  12. How to Build Tire Gardens | Part 2: Soil and Compost

    A great description of how to compost.

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