Teaching fractions can be difficult for students to understand. Here are websites, videos, activities and worksheets that can be helpful for teachers and student to use.

  1. Fraction Math Games

    On this website are games that students can complete to reinforce fractions.

  2. Table of Contents: All about Fractions

    2. Fraction Math Games3. Basic Skills Practice Games4. Fraction Websites for Kids5. Fraction Games6. Fractions Worksheets7. Printable Fra...

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  3. Basic Skill Practice Games

    Here are a variety of fraction games that students can complete to learn and enhance their knowledge aboutfractions.

  4. Fraction Websites for Kids

    Here are a variety of fraction websites that can help students understand fractions.

  5. Fraction Games

    HOODAMATH have a variety of Math games about fractions.

  6. Fractions Worksheets

    There are a variety of Fraction worksheets to choose from: Modeling Fractions, Ratio and Proportions, Comparing Simple & Improper Fra...

  7. Printable Fractions Worksheets for Teachers

    Printable Fractions worksheets that are perfect for teachers and students looking for some practice in fractions problems.

  8. Visual Fractions - A Fraction Modeling Tutorial

    A fractions tutorial that models fractions with number lines or circles. Fraction games and worksheets are included.

  9. Math Games for Kids . Cyberchase | PBS KIDS

    Play math games and go on quests with the Cybersquad. Lots of free online math games and puzzles to play.

  10. Fractions 2nd / 3rd Grade - Down On the Farm

    This is a basic fraction music video created 2nd graders.

  11. Math Rocks! Flip It!

    Video on dividing fractions.

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