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If you are a Dropbox user and love how you can save your files in the cloud and share them whenever to whoever, then listen up! Barracuda Networks has developed a similar option called Copy. The difference between Copy and Dropbox is you get way more storage when you first sign up, plus you can get additional storage for referring your friends, family, and co-workers. Right off the bat you get 15GB of storage when you sign up for Copy instead of the 2GB Dropbox offers. Copy is now offering an additional 5GB PER referral. If you sign up here right now, you will get 20GB of online storage for free! To top it all off you can get an additional 2GB for tweeting when you are signed up! Follow these easy steps to make sure you get all the space you can get! Remember, in order to get the additional storage, the people you refer have to sign up, download the app, sign in, and confirm their email! Otherwise you will not get credit for the referral! Use this link to gain an additional 5GB when signing up :

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    Sign up Form

    Once you go to their site by using the link above you will be directed to the "Create your account" form.  Fill out the information they requested and click on create account.  By downloading it from the link above, you will be able to move from 15GB to 20GB just by downloading and verifying your account.  

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    Invite Someone to Copy

    Inviting someone to Copy will allow you to maximize your cloud storage. &nbsp;For every person that you refer and they successfully complete the installation and account confirmation steps, you will receive 5GB of extra storage. &nbsp;<br><br>Click on "Invite Someone to Copy" to get started!

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    See Bonus/Referral Status

    To check your referral/bonus status, simply click on your name on the top right and select "See Bonus/Referral Status". &nbsp;This will take you to a page populated with all of the users who you have referred and their status.

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    Sending Out Invites

    This is where you can send out invites to Copy. &nbsp;Simply add the persons information along with their email and they will receive the email and be able to download copy through your referral. &nbsp;If they complete all of the steps then you will be able to receive an additional 5GB of storage. &nbsp;<br><br>You can also share the URL link at the bottom. &nbsp;By posting&nbsp;this on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or anywhere, you will have a better chance of getting more people to sign up under you which will also give you an additional 5GB per referral. &nbsp;

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    Install the Copy App

    Once you sign up you will be able to sign into your account. &nbsp;At the top you will see a grayish bar that has some good information. &nbsp;On the top-left of the bar you will be able to click on "Install App" and that will download the Copy App to your computer. &nbsp;Follow the onscreen instructions to get it installed. &nbsp;You should be able to take all of the default settings. &nbsp;<br><br>You will also notice on the right side of the bar the amount of storage you have. &nbsp;Once your done installing the app you should check your email so you can confirm your account and then you should receive an extra 5GB from using this toolset. &nbsp;This should put you at 20GB. &nbsp;

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    Bonus/Referral List

    This is what your Bonus/Referral list will look like. &nbsp;You will see the name of the person who signed up and how long ago they signed up. &nbsp;You will also be able to see if they completed the steps to get your extra 5GB. &nbsp;If they have not finished the steps, you will see either "Waiting for install" or "Waiting for install on unique device". &nbsp;If you know the person you can guide them through the process by knowing which step they are stuck at!

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    Or Sign up Below

    You can also sign up here.

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    Go to to Get Started

    Copy is a cloud for people, friends, and companies. Use it to keep your computers in sync and your files available from anywhere and from any device. Sign up and get 15 GB FREE.

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