FREE Online Storage by Get it while you can!

If you are a Dropbox user and love how you can save your files in the cloud and share them whenever to whoever, then listen up! Barracuda Networks has developed a similar option called Copy. The difference between Copy and Dropbox is you get way more storage when you first sign up, plus you can get additional storage for referring your friends, family, and co-workers. Right off the bat you get 15GB of storage when you sign up for Copy instead of the 2GB Dropbox offers. Copy is now offering an additional 5GB PER referral. If you sign up here right now, you will get 20GB of online storage for free! To top it all off you can get an additional 2GB for tweeting when you are signed up! Follow these easy steps to make sure you get all the space you can get! Remember, in order to get the additional storage, the people you refer have to sign up, download the app, sign in, and confirm their email! Otherwise you will not get credit for the referral! Use this link to gain an additional 5GB when signing up :


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