General Marketing Tips for Artists Selling their Work Online

Some marketing tips and tactics to get your artwork out there to the masses.

  1. How to Make Your Art & Images Found Online

    This is an outstanding video tutorial on how to get your images found online by enabling them to rank in images search engines results.

  2. The Wealthy Artist: 6 Myths and 6 Tips on Marketing your Art

    How to market your artwork while still maintaining artistic integrity.

  3. The Art of Marketing your art

    A short video on general art marketing.

  4. Artist Marketing Workshop on How to Promote Your Work

    This workshop was done be Jeanne Gomm, president of the UCAB. She goes through some strategies on how artists can promote and sell their ...

  5. Personal Branding for Artists

    This is really important! The ability to create a brand for yourself is pivotal when trying to promote and sell the work that you create.

  6. How To Be a Marketing Monster - Preston Ely

    This is general marketing advice, but still an excellent resource for artists to build a better understanding of marketing.

  7. E-Marketing for Artists 101

    This video is a recording of a panel discussing general internet marketing tips for artists.

  8. How To Market An Artist or Artwork

    General and sound advice for marketing your work as an artist.

  9. Gwenn Seemel on Art Marketing & Copyright

    An in-depth looking on making a Copyright for your artwork and marketing.

  10. 16 Things You Can Do Today to Get Your Artwork Noticed

    This article offers 16 ways you can get your artwork noticed a little easier online including simple tactics like establishing goals to s...

  11. Why Sharing Your Art is the Key to Online Success

    An outstanding article written on the Abundant Artist blog. The article goes into detail about why sharing is important and how to best s...

  12. Gwenn Seemel on Art Marketing

    An interview with artist Gwenn Seemel specifically on marketing your artwork. She wrote a book called Art Marketing: It's just about Sell...

  13. Barney Davey on Guerilla Marketing for Artists by Cory Huff

    Barney Davey, acclaimed art marketing expert, has a new book out called Guerilla Marketing for Artists. In this interview, we talk with B...

  14. Tell Your Story, Sell More Art

    This looks into a little psychology behind making art sales and understanding your customer. Part of your marketing needs to be the story...

  15. How to Sell Art On Tumblr

    Tumblr is essentially a blogging platform that fits somewhere between Twitter and typical blog. It's very visual and can work great for s...

  16. Content Marketing for Artists Webinar 2014

    This webinar goes into detail about how artists are selling art online right now. it touches on some examples from successful artists, an...

  17. Turning Creative Ideas into Cash

    A podcast with Open Invo’s Emily Lutzker on turning creative ideas into cash.

  18. How to Make Your Online Art More Accessible

    This is a fantastic article written on the Abundant Artist blog. His general tips include understanding your market, using email and soci...

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