Getting started shooting video with a DSLR camera

The very basics of capturing professional HD video with a DSLR camera. Some online tutorials and videos to start going through so you can learn on your own!

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    Video Editing Basics

    This is basically an overview of the things you can do with a standard video editing program. This will get your feet wet with beginning to edit video that you've captured on your DSLR.

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    Camcorder Shooting Basics

    So you bought yourself a camera or maybe you borrowed one from a friend, cool! Um, but how do you use it to make videos that look good? Shooting video well is a skill that takes time to develop but with a few simple tips you'll find yourself on the path to movie magic. Watch the video and you click through to the actual Vimeo page for more information.

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    Introduction to DSLR Cameras with Philip Bloom

    New to shooting with a DSLR? Maybe you're thinking about getting one. We'll teach you the differences between DSLR cameras and help you decide which one's best for you! This is the very beginning of Vimeo's DSLR lessons.

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    Vimeo Lessons: Storyboarding

    Simply put, it's always helpful to have a solid plan of action before diving into something. Shooting video is no different! Storyboarding is planning what to shoot and how you'll do it.

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    Vimeo Video School - Getting Started

    Vimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them. They also have an outstanding series of videos that teach you how to shoot professional videos with a DSLR camera. This is the page with all the videos included. I'll link to each one individually in the set, as well. So, you can just go here for an overview.

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    Choosing a Camera

    Choosing a camera is the first step on your way to making videos that you can share on Vimeo, YouTube, or any other similar video site. There are a lot of options to choose from including camcorders, simple point and shoot cameras, and nowadays cellphones with built in video cameras.

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    Vimeo Tutorial: Tripods

    A funny video on tripods and ensuring stability in your videos.

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