Getting started with Laravel

Collection of helpful resources to start using Laravel in web development

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    Building Web Applications from Scratch with Laravel

    <span>Laravel is a PHP 5.3 framework that describes itself as a “A Framework For Web Artisans”. According to its author, Taylor Otwell, Laravel strives to bring back the joy to programming by making Laravel simple, elegant, and, most importantly, well-documented.</span>

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    Laravel Starter

    The definitive introduction to the Laravel PHP web development framework.&nbsp;"Laravel Starter" is the ideal introduction to this game-changing framework. Learn best-practiced approaches to web-application development with Laravel from a seasoned professional.<div><span><br></span></div>

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    Laravel 4 Introduction - Amsterdam PHP Meetup Talk

    On April 18th, 2013 after trouble with trains, I presented this talk to the Amsterdam PHP User's Group. I hope that it helps in providing a basic overview of what Laravel 4 is and has to offer. The slides are available here: If this talk was interesting to you then you might be interested in my talk from Laracon DC.

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    laravel - github

    <span>Laravel is a clean and classy framework for PHP web development. Freeing you from spaghetti code, Laravel helps you create wonderful applications using simple, expressive syntax. Development should be a creative experience that you enjoy, not something that is painful. Enjoy the fresh air.</span>

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    How to Setup Laravel 4

    As you may know, here at Nettuts+, we've covered the popular Laravel framework a great deal. With version 4 on the near horizon, I've received quite a few emails and comments, requesting a screencast that describes exactly how to clone and work with the alpha version of Laravel 4.

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