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    Beginning PHP and MySQL: From Novice to Professional

    From the reviews: "A comprehensive introduction to ... the scripting language PHP and the MySQL database server. This book will not only expose ... core aspects of both technologies, but will provide valuable insight into how they are used in unison to create dynamic data-driven Web applications." (it-expert, Issue no.

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    Free web development video tutorials | PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS and Java | phpacademy

    phpacademy provides free web development video tutorials, and a friendly help and discussion forum.

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  3. article Completed Training | PHP with MySQL Essential Training

    Keep up with news, tips, and latest courses with emails from By signing up, you'll receive about four emails per month, including newsletter new course releases special announcements We'll only use your email address to send you these mailings. Here's our privacy policy with more details about how we handle your information.

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    How to Install Laravel 4 | Nettuts+

    As you may know, here at Nettuts+, we've covered the popular Laravel framework a great deal. With version 4 on the near horizon, I've received quite a few emails and comments, requesting a screencast that describes exactly how to clone and work with the alpha version of Laravel 4, as well as Composer.

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    Learn PHP Tutorial Video: The fastest way to learn PHP, Guaranteed!

    Learn PHP quickly with our online video tutorial! The fastest way to learn PHP, Guaranteed!

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    Get started with PHP | Tutorial | .net magazine

    In this extract from his SitePoint book PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, which is on sale now, Kevin Yank offers a beginner's guide to this server-side language

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    PHP Tutorial

    The first place that you should check if you want to learn PHP is Here you will learn the basics like understanding the syntax, how to work with variables, php operators, cookies in php, the relation between PHP and DB, XML or AJAX. Everything is very nice structured and very easy to understand. At the end you have a quiz test to see how well you know php

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