Getting Started with Turning Your Art Into A Business

You have to start somewhere. This toolset includes some stories and strategies for getting your business rolling!

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    How to Make Your First Art Sale Online

    This is advice from the creator of the Abundant Artist blog on what he would tell someone starting out selling their artwork.

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    How Do I Start Selling Art?

    Starting is the hardest part! Start to build your momentum in creating your art business by reading this article on, well, getting started.

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    Thinking of Starting an Art Business? Here Are a Few Tips

    Making the move to start your own business can be scary and daunting. Each day you discover more things you need to accomplish to move your business forward. These tips should help you start your business off on the right foot.

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    How to Turn Your Creative Hobby Into A Lucrative Business

    This article gives some advice on how to maintain a positive outlook on your art business and how you can be successful in selling your work.

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    Ask an Expert: How to turn your art into a business

    Here is an article that provides advice on turning your art into business. The focus is on art licensing. If you are thinking that doing business with bigger companies (keep in mind that means doing more business related work instead of just creating art) then check out this article.

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