Gifted and talented education

This toolset is meant to assist people working with those children who ight be considered gifted and talented

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    There are several challenges facing gifted children. They often develop at different rates intellectually, emotionally, and physically. What this means is that a five year old who can read may still have a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants.

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    Characteristics of gifted students

    Common characteristics of gifted children. Slideshare

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    Best of the Best Resources

    School-wide enrichment for gifted learners

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    Differentiation: Hot Topics

    Scientists and mathematicians are fond of reminding us that, " Variation is everywhere." In fact, variation drives much of what experts in those two disciplines study and explore. Nevertheless, human nature often seems to struggle to find and focus on similarities rather than differences - especially in the classroom.

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    Curriculum Compacting: A Systematic Procedure for Modifying the Curriculum for Above Average Ability Students

    This article may be copied and distributed without permission. Electronic reproduction is not permitted. Sally M. Reis Joseph S. Renzulli The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented University of Connecticut As the dialogue about better ways to restructure our schools goes on, students still come to school each morning, and teachers still face the challenge of providing equitably for a broad array of differences in student abilities, interests, and learning styles.

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