Git & Github for Beginners

GitHub's a great tool but it's definitely a little confusing the first time around. This collection of resources will help you understand basic concepts of version control with Git much better.

  1. GitHub For Beginners: Don't Get Scared, Get Started

    It's 2013, and there's no way around it: you need to learn how to use GitHub. Why? Because it's a social network that has completely chan...

  2. How the Heck Do I Use GitHub?

    Dear Lifehacker, I've learned to code and want to start using GitHub to manage my projects. Despite the introductory lesson they provide,...

  3. GitHub for Beginners

    This is a brief video I made for Ray that shows anybody how to get started with version control using Git, starting from square one. We g...

  4. The Basics of Git and GitHub

    Check out the December 2013 edition of this webinar too: Subscribe: * Are you new ...

  5. Try Git - Code School

    Learn how to use Git by reviewing the basic concepts of Git version control. Try out this introductory course that was created with GitHub.

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