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    The Google Plus Hovercard: Your calling card across all of Google - WebSIGHT Hangouts

    By now, if you've spent any time on social media, you will be familiar with hovercards: those "mini business cards" that pop up when you hover over someone's name. Emphasis on business. You see, when optimized correctly, your hovercard becomes a digital business card across that entire social network.

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    How To Add Google+ Follower Gadget in WordPress Blog

    Yesterday, Google introduced yet another Google+ perk, the Google+ Follower widget for Blogger Platform. The main idea behind this new gadget is to build a strong relationship between views and the Blog owners so they can easily interact either via Google+ Stream on the blog.

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    Google Plus Comments Plugin For WordPress - Google Plus For Business

    Fully interactive Google+ comments WordPress plugin, with Spam Control, +1 PM notifications, Circles or Public filtering, HoverCard overlays, and more... With not one line of code or Google API key access needed. Seriously, I had Google Plus commenting that shares into the commenters Google+ feed installed here in 60 seconds and I did not even have to change one setting.

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