Government Shutdown: The Aftermath

The government re-opened one week ago after a 16 day shutdown. Here are sources about the aftermath of the shutdown, from why the government re-opened to where the President wants to go from here.

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    Government Shutdown Explained

    For anyone still confused about why they government shutdown, this video explains it quickly and simply.

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    Will There Be Another Shutdown in January?

    There is a possibility that the government will shutdown again in January. Here is one blogger's opinion on whether or not another shutdown will occur.

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    At end of shutdown, ag sector looks for farm bill passage

    A final issue President Obama wants to focus on after the shutdown is the passage of a farm bill. This article explains how the shutdown affected farmers and provides information on the last farm bill and why some farmers are hoping Congress will pass a new farm bill.

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    Budget conference likely to meet for first time on Oct. 30

    The first issue President Obama wants to focus on now that the shutdown is done is the budget. This blog post from non-partisan website The Hill describes the challenges Congress will face during the approaching budget conference, where members of the House and Senate will try to negotiate on a federal budget.

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    Immigration reform: Still not quite dead

    The President called for immigration reform following the end of the shutdown— here is what's actually happening and what might happen on that front. Keep in mind, this is a blog post by a left-leaning "opinionated reporter;" however, the blog post is fact-based and informative.

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    Dollar hit by aftermath of government shutdown

    The uncertainty caused by the government shutdown resulting in the dropping value of the dollar. This short Wall Street Journal article sums up what this could mean for the U.S. economy.

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    Senate and House pass bill to re-open the government, raise the debt ceiling

    Now that everyone is clear on why the shutdown happened, here is an article about what it took for the government to re-open.

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    Shutdown Fallout

    This ABC News and Washington Post poll shows American's opinions of Congress after the government shutdown.&nbsp;To find out more information on these findings&nbsp;and how the survey&nbsp;was conducted, go to:&nbsp;<a href="" target="" rel=""></a>&nbsp;

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    Weekly Address: Working Together on Behalf of the American People

    In case you missed it, here is President Obama's address to the American people after the government shutdown ended. In this video, the President presents three issues he wants to focus on now that the shutdown is over— balancing the budget, changing the immigration system and passing a farm bill.

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    Republicans 'biggest losers' in shutdown aftermath

    Here is a question and answer session between an international journalist and two American political and public opinion experts. One of these experts is&nbsp;left-leaning, and the other is&nbsp;right-leaning, so readers can better understand both perspectives.&nbsp;&nbsp;

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