Grade 2 Listening & Learning Domain 12 Anthology, "Fighting for a Cause"

This toolset includes a variety of resources that can be used throughout the NY State Common Core ELA Grade 2 Listening & Learning Domain 12. All of the resources are instructional activities that provide multiple means of representation under the Knowledge Network Principle for Universal Design for Learning.

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    WatchKnowLearn - Free K-12 educational videos: Susan B. Anthony

    Checkpoint 1.3 Provide Alternatives for Visual Information. This activity is a short video that is descriptive and provides students interesting facts about Susan B. Anthony. Details about her part in the abolitionist movement, women's rights, and suffrage

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    Eleanor Roosevelt Graphic Organizer

    Checkpoint: 3.3 Guide Information Processing. This activity includes a graphic organizer in which students will complete a comparison chart, complete biography chart, and write why Eleanor Roosevelt is important to the history of the United States.

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    Citizen and American Educator: Mary McLeod Bethune

    Checkpoint 3.2 Highlight Critical Features, Big Ideas, and Relationships. Students will explore what is citizenship through an interactive website and be introduced to American Educator, Mary McLeod Bethune. Students will also complete an online worksheet highlighting critical factors of Mary's life.

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    Jackie Robinson

    Checkpoint: 1.1 Customize the Display of Information. Jackie Robinson broke many boundaries as one of the greatest players in Brooklyn Dodger and Major League Baseball history. This short video provides information that will allow for adjustability (i.e. sound amplified, enlarged video options).

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    Fighting For a Cause: Rosa Parks - Vocabulary List :

    Checkpoint: 3.4 Support Memory and Transfer. will explore and review definitions, provide a practice session and spelling bee associated with the lesson devoted to Fighting with a Cause, Rosa Parks.

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    Martin Luther King, Jr. - Poetry Player |

    Checkpoint: 2.3 Decode Text and Mathematical Notation. This text to speech poem will allow students to learn exactly what Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream was for all. This poem is an example and will help students create a free verse poem about their feelings on about the challenges Martin Luther King, Jr. faced.

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    MLK Day Games on

    Checkpoint: 2.4 Promote Cross-Linguistic Understanding. Play free online Martin Luther King, Jr. games for kids. Play games like I Have a Dream, MLK Slide Puzzle, and MLK Memorial Jigsaw Puzzle.

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    The Fight in the Fields - TIMELINE | PBS

    Checkpoint 2.5 Illustrate Key Concepts Non-linguistically. This website contains a timeline of the important facts and illustrations in the life and struggles of Cesar Chavez and farmworkers.

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    Jackie Robinson Greatest Baseball Player Ever

    Checkpoint: 1.2 Provide Alternatives for Auditory Information. This short closed captioned biography video about Jackie Robinson introduces the concept of fact or opinion to lower elementary students.

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    KWL Chart

    Checkpoint: 3.1 Provide or Activate Background Knowledge. This activity provides a KWL Chart to be used by students as they begin and continue to research on Fighting For a Cause: Susan B. Anthony to tell what they already know, what would they like to know and what they have learned.

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    Civil Rights for Kids: Glossary and Terms

    Checkpoint: 2.1 Define Vocabulary and Symbols. Kids learn about Civil Rights glossary and terms including segregation, Jim Crow laws, disabilities, apartheid, suffrage, poll tax, and more. Definitions and words you need to know.

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    Efforts to End Segregation Interactive Graphic Organizer-Civil Rights

    Checkpoint: 2.2 Clarify Syntax and Structure This activity contains an interactive graphic organizer that can be complete on line and printed to be turned in on the topic of the efforts that Fighting For a Cause heros made toward ending segregation for our country.

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