Grants/ Funding Sources for Educational Technology

There are a growing number of educators who want to receive technologies and resources, but cannot afford them. Therefore, grants and funding would be helpful to receive these resources. Below are websites and information that can be of assistance for grants and funding.

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    GetEdFunding - Free grant finding resources for educators and educational institutions - GetEdFunding is a collection of more than 600 active grants and awards that are available to public and private schools, educational institutions and educators.

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    Finding Federal Funding for a New Charter School or for Dissemination of Best Practices

    OFFICES If you seek grant funds to plan and start up a new charter school, or for dissemination activities, where you apply for grant funds depends on where the proposed charter school will be located. Please note that this information was last updated in January 2013.

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    SMART grants and fundraising - SMART Technologies

    Find grants and fundraising information that can help you secure alternative funding for your interactive classroom technology purchases.

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    Federal Funding Sources

    The federal Department of Education is an important source of grants and grant information. Featured Title I Funding Source School Improvement Grant School Improvement Grants are used to improve student achievement in Title I schools identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring so as to enable those schools to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) and exit improvement status.

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    Funding Sources For Schools - Opportunities & Resources by Pearson

    Pearson provides information on many federal funding & grant options for schools. Learn more about available school funding sources & educational grants. 

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    Education Technology Grants, Funding, and Contests

    Education technology grants are out there; it's just a matter of finding them! Funding classroom technology is always a concern when discussing implementation of clickers, whiteboards and tablets, document cameras, and other technologies in the classroom.

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    Grants And Funding | eSchool News

    Here is a grant and funding website for educators to read about how to approach various grants.   

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