Great Powerpoint Animation Tricks and Techniques

Power Point Spice on Youtube is a great source of cool power point animation techniques. For other really great explanatory videos on how to create some good effects go to her Youtube channel.

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    Spinning World in PowerPoint: Advanced Animation Tutorial

    This is an advanced PowerPoint animation tutorial which shows how to make a really cool spinning world or globe, and other rotating objects. Comment, like and subscribe for more videos! You can also use this with Christmas ornaments and other balls or spherical objects -- and with other symmetrical non-round objects like eggs (think Easter eggs) or vases, etc.

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    Amazing Motion, Fire, and Shiny Text Effects in PowerPoint - Advanced Animation Tutorial

    Make cool motion text effects in PowerPoint - from fire text, to shiny text, to anything you can imagine! Check out the written post of this and download the working files on my blog: Please comment, like, and subscribe if you'd like to see more videos :).

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    How to Make a Hinge Effect - Advanced PowerPoint Animation Tutorial

    Download the premade box effect here! Learn to make hinges for things like doors, gates, or box lids. A very useful technique to impress your audience! Comment, like, subscribe for more!

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