Growth Hacking

Some articles and videos gathered around hacking growth for your startup. Really awesome stuff.

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    Chamath Palihapitiya - how we put Facebook on the path to 1 billion users

    While at facebook, the biggest success he found with his efforts was to get every user to 10 friends in 7 days. This was their most important metric (not viral coefficient or anything else).

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    What is "Growth Hacking" really?

    The reality of growth hacking. Don't just focus on finding magical hacks or hiring pros to do it for you. Instead, focus on sustainability and long term growth.

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    Growth Hacking Like A Pirate, A Beginner's Guide To Pirate Metrics

    A little more in depth explanation of Dave McClure's metrics for Pirates - AARRR (acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue). This was found on the blog of, an analytics company that automatically runs companies through this metrics formula.

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    4 Metrics Every Growth Hacker Should Be Watching

    Great read by @jwegan_com. Four metrics you should be looking at are 1) Daily Net Change 2) Core Daily Actives 3) Cohort Activity Heatmap 4) Conversion Funnel

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    Find More Customers for Your B2B SaaS Product with These 5 Distribution Hacks

    Growth hacking as a B2B company. 5 strategies: 1) Integrate with other apps 2) Use work emails (then you know how the rest of the company's emails are structured) 3) Be embeddable 4) Use Powered By 5) Give away free stuff

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    Lars Lofgren

    There's one question I keep getting asking over and over again. "How did you land a job at KISSmetrics?" And here's the standard answer I tend to give people. The co-founders of KISSmetrics, Hiten Shah and Neil Patel, tend to be a bit famous in startup circles and I had been following them for awhile.

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    Autopsy of a Failed Growth Hack - BranchOut

    This is a really interesting case showing BranchOut's failed growth hacking. They did a great job of driving users to their app through Facebook invites, but didn't have really a great product/market fit. So, users showed up once from the invites and never came back. The takeaway is make sure you're validating product/market fit prior to driving users. Without a good product for the right market you can drive as many users as you want, but they might not stay.

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    GrowthHackers - A community-powered, growth-hacking knowledge base - Get inspired!

    This is a nice place to go for more articles, or to join a community specific to growth hacking

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