Haitian Environment

A brief look at the environment in and around Haiti.

  1. Haiti Energy by Nick

    Acquiring viable energy is at the root of many of Haiti's problems.

  2. Haiti Earthquake, Deforestation Heighten Landslide Risk

    Ker Than Published January 14, 2010 The combination of widespread deforestation and the recent earthquake in Haiti could lead to more lan...

  3. Deforestation in Haiti

    This video was created by Madeline Krahn, Jessica Muganza and Ariel Thompson. 2013.

  4. Waste and what to do with it (Haiti)

    A very common and everyday situation: The trash can is full. Usually not a big deal, when there's always a container somewhere to dump yo...

  5. Haiti learning to burn trash briquettes, instead of trees

    Haitian trash recyclers are creating an alternative to charcoal, which is blamed for rampant deforestation. Using a technique that is as ...

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