Hands-on Weather Activities: 2nd grade

While teaching a weather unit, it is helpful to do hands-on activities that allow students to be engaged and take control of their learning. By doing so, they can liken the activities to how such phenomenon occur in nature. (fog, tornado, etc.)

  1. Clouds - Science Activities #1

    This is a hands-on activity in which students create a fog/cloud in a jar. This activity provides both instructions and materials needed ...

  2. Clouds - Science Activities #2

    This activity allows students to create a portable cloud, inside of a jar. Students are required to record their observations in order to...

  3. 2nd Grade -Calendar & Weather Book

    Students will record and track weather patterns through the year. This is a short and easy activity that can help students get familiar w...

  4. Investigation 2-Temperature & Thermometers

    This series of activities allows students to explore using a thermometer and, eventually, use basic materials to create their own.Observe...

  5. Investigation 3 - Wind & Anemometer

    This activity will help students learn how to measure the direction and speed of wind.

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