Holiday: Easter

There are many resources that can be incorporated into the classroom for the Easter holiday. Most of the the items seen below are for Elementary grade classrooms. Also, the table of contents is helpful to see what is inside this toolset!

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    Table of Contents: Easter

    2.  Variety of Easter Games Online
    3.  Online Easter Games 
    4.  Kids' Easter Holiday Games
    5.  Easter Online Games & Printable's
    6.  Easter Teaching Resources
    7.  Easter Printable Materials
    8.  Easter Worksheets
    9.  Easter Resources
    10.  Easter Activities for Kids
    11.  Holidays Sets for ESL students
    12.  Easter Lesson Plans
    13.  An Easter Egg Video
    14.  The Tale of Peter Rabbit
    15.  Easter Songs, Poems and Finger-plays
    16.  Easter Poetry
    17.  Easter Theme and Lesson Plans 

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    Variety of Easter Games Online

    Play free online Easter Games for kids with our huge collection fun and festive games. Play games like Egg Hunt, Easter Egg Hop, Henry's Egg Factory and Bunnies Jigsaw Puzzle.

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    Online Easter Games

    There are a variety of Easter eggs games online on this website for students. The Egg Catch Game: Catch the falling eggs with the basket. Find the Differences Game: Find the differences between the two pictures before time runs out. Decorate an Easter Egg Pick a color for your egg, decorate, and print.

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    Kids' Easter Holiday Games

    This easter website has holiday games, puzzles, activities, clipart and coloring pages for students to complete. A great website for students!!

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    Easter - Online Games & Printable's

    Get tons of Easter fun for kids from Funschool. Play The Great Easter Egg Hunt and other online arcade games, plus get coloring pages, printable cards and more.

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    Easter Teaching Resources

    There are a variety of resources for teachers to use including: Easter images for craft activities, clipart style images (eggs, chicks, rabbit, baskets, etc) and printable items.

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    Easter Printable Materials

    abcteach features free online kid-friendly games and learning activities for home and school. Great for teachers, parents, students, and classroom. Easter materials are printable and interactive, and include writing prompts, baskets, pictures, coloring pages, calendars, reading comps, cards, crosswords, crafts, report forms, and more.

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    Easter Worksheets

    This website offers Easter printables and worksheets for students. They could be great resources to differentiate instruction with because they are made for a variety of levels.

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    Easter Resources

    Here you will find Easter activities to incorporate into your Math classes, Social Studies lessons, writing workshops and more. There are activities for all grade levels provided.

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    Easter Activities For Kids

    There are 21 Easter activities that teachers can complete with their students. These activities are a lot of fun. Also, they can be used to decorate homes and classrooms!

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    Holiday Sets for ESL Students

    This is a wonderful website for teaching ESL students about Holidays! The website features a collection of printable holiday worksheets for kids and beginners to practice basic English vocabulary.

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    Easter Lesson Plans

    Here are a variety of Easter lesson plans that teachers can use and get ideas from when teaching students!

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    An Easter Egg Video

    The Easter egg story is a fun, primary story with bold pictures and perfect for preschool development. It can be used as an anticipatory set or to reinforce the Easter egg concept.

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    The Tale of Peter Rabbit

    The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter is a classic literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript and closed captions in multiple languages!

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    Easter Songs, Poems & Fingerplays

    To celebrate the Easter holiday this website has a variety of songs, poems and finger-plays that both students and teachers would enjoy!

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    Easter Poetry

    Easter Poetry selections for children.

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    Easter Theme and Lesson Plans

    On this website you can find many Easter resources including: lesson plans, Easter themes, Easter printouts, Easter crafts and Easter clipart.

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