Holiday: Valentine's Day

This toolset includes activities, lessons, games, crafts, worksheets, books and videos to use when teaching about Valentine's Day!

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    Valentine's Day Activities/ Lessons

    Make February 14 a special day with activities and lesson plans that extend Valentine's Day into academic subject areas. There are many printable worksheets, projects and resources for grades K-12.

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    Valentine's Day Lesson Plans

    To celebrate the holiday Valentine's Day there are educational lesson plans on this site that teachers can use. 

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    Valentine's Day Games

    A collection of fun activities for Valentine's Day - Fun Valentines Day games, activities, coloring pages, word search puzzles, scrambler puzzles, short stories and poems.

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    Valentine's Day Lessons & Books

    Celebrate Valentine's Day with cards, crafts, books and cross-curricular lesson plans.

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    Valentine's Day PowerPoint & Worksheets

    There are many ways to incorporate Valentine's Day into lessons. Check out the website below for worksheets and PowerPoints. 

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    Valentine's Day Activities

    Our Valentine's Day category includes hundreds of activities. You'll find instructions for fun craft activities, like the "Be Mine" mobile, Valentine Heart Pin, and Glass Hearts. Dozens of coloring pages will help your students get into the spirit and decorate your classroom.

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    Valentine's Day Worksheets & Puzzles

    Super teacher worksheets provide printable Valentine's Day Worksheets and Puzzles. Includes a word search, cryptogram, word scramble, and more.

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    Valentine's Day Games/Worksheets

    The JumpStart website provides free and printable Valentine's Day worksheets to add some fun and excitement to any lesson!

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    Valentine's Day Worksheets & Puzzles

    Worksheets and activities for Valentine's Day.

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    Valentine's Day Crafts

    Pinterest provides many crafts that can be completed both in and out of school.

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    Valentine's Day Books - Children's Literature for Valentines Day

    This website provides a variety of children's literature for Valentine's Day.

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    Clifford Valentine's Day Video

    This Clifford Valentine's Day video is titled Sweetheart's Dance. It could be incorporated into the classroom when teaching about Valentine's Day. It is about the community center hosting a Sweetheart's Dance for Father/daughter and Mother/son. Emily Elizabeth is nervous because she is unsure of how to dance so she spends time trying to figure out how to dance but doesn't succeed at first. Her friends show her how they can dance, but she is afraid to dance because they did so well. Her Dad shares a secret about dancing with her in which Emily Elizabeth stands on her Dad's feet during the dance and finally her Dad places her on the floor to move her own feet.

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    Winnie the Pooh Valentine's Day Video

    This video is titled Un-Valentine's Day because Rabbit said, "too many Valentine's Day cards were given out last year." Rabbit says to cancel Valentine's Day and to have nothing handed out. Although, someone delivered Winnie the Pooh a valentine's full of honey, but the valentine giver is unknown. All of the animals make a valentine except for rabbit. They believe the valentine giver is Christopher Robin and create him a live valentine. Rabbit is the director for the live Valentine show. It turns out that Christopher Robin was not the valentine giver it was Eeyore who gave Winnie the Pooh the valentine full of honey. Eeyore felt bad that he didn't join in last year and wanted to this year.

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