How to Add Multiple Admins to Your YouTube channel

Want to allow other people to manage your Youtube channel for your business? Here’s a helpful guide.

  1. Step 1 Log in to Your Gmail Account

    Important Tip:To be able to add managers or admins for your small business’ YouTube channel, it has to be linked to a Google + page. If ...

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  2. Step 2 Click on YouTube Settings

    Click the drop down arrow on your Google + profile found at the very left side of the screen and then click YouTube settings.

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  3. Step 3 Click on Add Managers Option

    Click on the Add or remove Managers option

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  4. Step 4 Type in Email Addresses of People You Want to Add as Managers

    Enter the email addresses or names of people you want to add as managers then click Invite

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  5. You're Done

    Adding new managers for your Youtube Channel is just simple and easy.

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