How to Create a Launch Page with LaunchRock

If you're launching your app, website, or business LaunchRock is probably the easiest option to getting a Launch Page up and running. It's also pretty flexible for recording stats and running incentive campaigns. This toolset will walk you through the set-up.

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    LaunchRock - The App

    This will take you to the app to get started. Simply enter a username and email, and you can get rolling. it's free, unless you want your own domain. If you want a domain, then you can purchase it through LaunchRock or somewhere like GoDaddy or Bluehost and map it over. The process is really straightforward, and it walks you through the whole thing.

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    Choose the Type of Launch Page you Want

    Once you've created a free account, you can either choose a full landing page or an embeddable widget if you already have a site or a blog that you want to launch from. Click on one and get started. 

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    Select a LaunchRock Theme

    You have several options, all are effective in their own ways. Once you select a theme, you can start editing 

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    The LaunchRock Editor

    After you select a theme, you're given a really easy-to-use editor. This will walk you through the entire process. You need to completely finish the process before you can launch it or see it in a browser. Once you hit 100% in the progress bar, you'll have a button that gives you the option to launch. That's the only thing that could be potentially confusing. 

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    Toggle Mobile or Desktop

    If you want to build a strictly mobile page, you can toggle it by clicking on the mobile button at the bottom of the screen. Obviously, for desktop, toggle back to desktop. 

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    Input and Map Your Domain if Applicable

    You can display the LaunchRock page on your own domain or subdomain, if you choose to do so. Clicking on the instructions will give you all the options you'll need to get it done. If you don't want to use your own domain, select "No". 

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    A Video Walkthrough of Setting up LaunchRock

    If the annotated screenshots aren't helpful, skim through this video. This is a bit long, but it will give you a good idea of what set-up entails (which isn't much).

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    An early introductory video of LaunchRock

    This video won't show you necessarily how to set up LaunchRock, but it will give you a nice background on the founder and the intention of the software, if you're interested in that kind of thing.

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    A Talk from Jameson Detweiler, Co-Founder & CEO, LaunchRock

    This doesn't explain how to go through set-up, but it gives you some more background from their founder.

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