How to Create an Animated GIF with Google Plus

You can now create Animated GIFs via Google Plus! Here's how.

  1. Grab Your Camera and Start Taking Photos

    Take a series of photos (minimum of 5) in the same background with little movements in between each shot.

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  2. Log in to your Google Plus profile.

    Go to the Gmail log in pageand simply type in your gmail and password then go to your Google + Profile.

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  3. Make sure that the Auto Awesome feature is on

    Hover your mouse over the Home button.From the drop down menu click on Settings.Scroll down until you see Auto Awesome . See to it that t...

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  4. Go to the Photos Tab

    From your home page, hover your mouse over the Home button and click on photos.

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  5. Start Uploading Photos

    Click on the Upload Photos button located at the top of the page.Upload photos by dragging the photos into the box or click on the upload...

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  6. All You Have to Do is Wait!

    Google Plus does the GIF animation automatically thanks to its Auto Awesome feature. It may take an hour or so for the GIF animation to b...

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