How to Create and Publish Your Own eBook

eBooks are getting really popular these days. Some have even made a fortune from writing their own eBooks . If you want to give eBooks a shot, here is a helpful guide in creating and publishing your very own.

  1. The First Step: Writing Your eBook

    Of course, the very first step of creating your own eBook is writing it. This can very well be the toughest part. The best approach may b...

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  2. The Second Step: Designing, Formatting and Converting

    Now that you are done writing your manuscript, the next step is to transform it into an eBook. You need to ensure that your book is forma...

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  3. The Third Step: Distribution

    So what's next now that you've written, formatted and designed your eBook? Well, your eBook is ready for public consumption. So how do yo...

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  4. The Fourth Step: Promoting Your eBook

    Congratulations! You've done it! You have finally published your eBook. But before you start bringing out the bottle of champagne and cel...

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