How to Create Facebook Ads

It is estimated that 1.11 billion people worldwide are on Facebook. This number is incredibly huge making Facebook a great marketing tool for both huge and small businesses. Many entrepreneurs have created a Facebook page for their business to strengthen their presence to their targeted market. To further strengthen your presence to your targeted audience, you can take advantage of Facebook ads. So how do you create your Facebook ads? Ready to learn? We're here to help.

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    Choosing What You Want to Advertise

    To choose what you want to advertise, simply type in the URL, destination name or destination ID of what you want to advertise into the box or click on the choices listed. 

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    Sponsored Stories

    You can choose to go ahead with sponsored stories or not. If you don’t want it, just click on “Remove”.

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    Details of Your Ad Campaign

    Simply fill out all the information for your ad such as target location, age, gender, interests, broad categories, connections and friends of connections. The next step is to fill out details of pricing and schedule of your ad. Once done click on “Review Ad”.

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    Sign In to Your Account or Join Facebook

    <span>The first step is to sign in on your Facebook account. Enter your email address and password and hit Log In. If you are not on Facebook yet, simply go to <a href="" target="" rel=""></a> and sign up for an account.</span>

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    Review and Edit Your Ad or Place Order

    If you need to edit your ad simply click on “Edit Ad” button. If everything is good to go click on the “Place Order” button.

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    Creating Your Ad

    Create a headline that is attention grabbing and tells people what the ad is about. On the text box, write something that tells a bit more information on what you are advertising or promoting. Click the dropdown arrow right below the text Landing View to choose where people will land once they click your ad (e.g. timeline, notes, photos). Add an image that is attention grabbing and related to what you are promoting. Make sure that you pick an image that is visible even when it is shown as a thumbnail. You can check out how your ad looks like in the preview window at the right side of the screen.

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    Enter Your Payment Details

    Choose which payment method you are using then enter your payment details. Click Submit once done.

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    Choosing What You Want to Achieve with Your Ad

    Choose if you want to build a bigger audience or get more people to interact with you. Simply click on your pick.

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    Creating a Facebook Ad

    Once you are in your Facebook account, click on the gear icon located on the very top right corner of the page then click on the option "Advertise on Facebook". You will then be taken to a new page where you'll see the "Create an Ad" button, click on it.

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