How to eat healthy? Eat by color!

The easiest and most delicious way to eat healthier is to incorporate all the colors of the rainbow onto your plate. Each color has its own unique and beneficial nutrients, so eating a little bit of each will quickly ensure a balanced diet. With all the variety out there, you're sure to find plenty foods of each color that you'll love. Red • Green • Yellow • Purple • Orange • White Bon appetit!

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    1) Red

    Delicious and nutrient-heavy red food go well beyond just fruits. See if you can incorporate a bit of red at least once a day. Why bother? Red foods are high in antioxidants and Johns Hopkins has labeled them heart-healthy.

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    2) Green

    Time to rethink broccoli. Greens are truly where the nutrients are hiding. Rich in iron, fiber, vitamins and potassium (among others), green vegetables are the nutritionist's holy grail. Why bother? Even more nutrients than listed above and an incredible amount of variety to choose from.

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    3) Yellow

    Think beyond a lemon and you're well on your way to well-rounded, colorful goodness. Why bother? Yellow foods help fight cancer! They also boost your immune system and beautify your skin.

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    4) Purple & Blue

    A bit of a misnomer - did you know there are no truly blue foods? Think about it; even blueberries are actually purple. Why bother? These guys are extra good on your digestive system and can help prevent diabetes.

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    5) Orange

    If you can only name oranges you're definitely missing out. This vibrant color has delicious foods in season all year long. Substitute sweet potato for potato and plunge into butternut squash and you're well on your way to healthier eating. Why bother? The old adage that carrots are good for your eyes is true! Beta-carotene is found in spades in this delicious color.

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    6) White

    While you should definitely scrap white bread for multigrain and enriched pasta products for their whole grain cousins, white foods can still offer a lot if you do them up right. Why bother? Lots of potassium and heart benefits are packed into these guys.

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    The top 10 Veggies

    Take a look through and try to incorporate these into your daily intake. Pay special attention to the variety of colors....

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    Don't take my word for it

    There is SO MUCH research out there supporting this lifestyle. Do a quick Google search for "eat by color" and you'll come across more information than you feel like dealing with. Here's a quick pocket guide to get you started.

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    One recipe to rule them all

    Here's a Vietnamese-style curry recipe prepared by yours truly. It incorporates every color listed and makes a huge batch to boot. Try it out today or create your own new dish. Happy eating!

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