How to edit and create high quality images for free

I'm always editing images and creating graphics on the web. The good version of Photoshop is super expensive. So, I learned how to use Gimp. I'm not a professional designer. So, anything I'd want to do is covered using this program. It's free and easy to use.

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    GIMP - The Basics Tutorial

    A simple tutorial created by Gimp. It explains the basics of how to use the program. Another long read, but probably worthwhile.

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    GIMP - Tutorials

    The full list of tutorials provided by Gimp.

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    Gimp - download page

    Basically, this is the open-source, free version of Photoshop. If you go to the homepage, it doesn't look like much. But, it's pretty powerful and will take care of any image editing/creation that you need - I promise.

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    The Very Basics of Gimp 2.8

    A very basic introduction to the simple features of Gimp 2.8.

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    The Gimp Manual

    This is a really long read. And, it's not designed that well. But, it answers any questions that you'd have about Gimp. it's the complete documentation.

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    Remove a background using Gimp

    Pretty simple tutorial. Removing a background might be the most important thing you could learn with image-editing. Just remember to save it as a .png :-)

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    GIMP 2.8 - GIMP Beginners'

    Gimp beginners guide. Explains most things you'll need with Gimp.

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