How to get paid properly as an independent contractor

Getting paid is pretty simple as an independent contractor (if both parties are based in the US). This type of working relationship is set up when someone is hired for a one-off or part time job.

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    Use an invoice template in Google Docs

    This is another very easy option. And, you don't need to purchase the Microsoft Office package or worry about storing it on your computer.<br><br>Just pick an option from this page, and apply it to a Google Spreadsheet.&nbsp;

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    What is an IRS 1099 Form? - TurboTax® Tax Tips & Videos

    This is a pretty sufficient explanation of a 1099 form if you want some clarity. <br>

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    IRS W-9 Form

    As an independent contractor, you'll need to fill one of these out so your employer has all of the proper information handy. <br><br>This is basically the first step in the process. <br>

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    Use the HTML5 Invoice Template

    This is an amazingly useful tool.<br><br>Visit the site and fill in the appropriate information accordingly directly on the page. Then, download and send it.&nbsp;

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    10-99 form from the IRS

    1099 forms are essential to have in any independent contractor relationship. <br><br>This form you'll have to print out and fill everything in to complete it properly. <br>

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    Use Paypal for online invoicing

    If you use Paypal for payments (you can do this for free), and you're looking to get paid faster, their invoicing feature is a great option.&nbsp;<br><br>It's a service offered by Paypal where you can simply create an invoice right within their site, and send it off to a client, or whoever is paying you. Then, they can choose whether they want to pay you with Paypal or a credit card. Both options are available even to free users.<br><br>This is a great options if you're doing contract work for clients that aren't local. Obviously, sending a check in the mail can get expensive, time consuming, and problematic depending on how far away it's being sent.<br><br>Remember, of course, you're paying a transaction fee. You really can't get around this when it comes to accepting credit card payments.&nbsp;<br><br>If you're accepting $3,000 or less per month, it will be a 2.9% transaction free plus $0.30 per transaction. Accepting more than that will be a lower transaction fee.&nbsp;<br>

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    A helpful tip from Forbes about 1099 forms

    It's always best to make sure you have everything properly set up from your employer in an independent contractor relationship. However, you need to make sure the employer knows what to issue you. <br><br>

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    Invoice with Quickbooks

    Quickbooks is quite obviously the most expensive out of all the options listed.<br><br>If you're working for multiple clients and you want a full accounting package, get the Quickbooks software or Quickbooks online. It's still the best for what you'll pay.&nbsp;<br><br>An invoicing feature is built into the software, as is a payment processor. This is probably the best option if you're a full time contractor or freelancer.&nbsp;

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    Use a basic invoice template from excel

    Honestly, if I'm doing work for anyone, I still use this method most of the time.<br><br>The template is free as long as you have Excel on your computer. Download it, open it with Excel, put your logo and information in (unless you've done this before), and fill in the proper fields.<br><br>Then, send it along to your client via email, or print and fax it. It doesn't get too much easier!&nbsp;

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