How to get your content featured in Linkedin Today

Linkedin Today is a service provided by Linkedin that aggregates the most popular content that professionals around the world are sharing on Linkedin every day. Being featured here is an outstanding way of driving traffic to your site, if you're targeting the business to business crowd.

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    Six tips for optimising content to hit LinkedIn Today

    This article on gives six helpful tips on how to optimize your content specifically for Linkedin Today. 

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    Why Linkedin Today is Great From an Inbound Perspective

    Just a little more about why you should be using Linkedin Today from the perspective of an inbound marketing company, Hubspot. 

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    This is Linkedin Today

    This is where you go to access Linkedin Today. If you want to tailor it specifically to what you need, choose the industries you're most interested in. 

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    Follow LinkedIn Today EU (LinkedInTodayEU) on Twitter

    This is all the topics trending in the UK and Western Europe on Linkedin Today. Keeping up with these will show you what you need to be writing about. 

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    Follow LinkedIn Today (LinkedInToday) on Twitter

    This is the latest news from LinkedIn Today on Twitter. Follow them! And again, understand what is being shared. If you're an avid Twitter user, this is easier than keeping Linkedin open. 

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    LinkedIn Today - Frequently Asked Questions

    Here is a the Help Center for Linkedin, specifically with questions around Linkedin Today. If you have any targeted questions about the service, this is probably the best place to start.&nbsp;<br><br>You won't find much information here about how to show up in Linkedin Today, though :-). Keep following along.&nbsp;

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    What is LinkedIn Today? Let's Start Here

    This is a short explanation of Linkedin Today made by Linkedin. It's a way for you to find and read the most popular articles shared by business professionals every day. You can even break it down by categories and industries.&nbsp;

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    How to Use LinkedIn Today to Find Popular Content

    Social Media Examiner is an outstanding resource for anything related to, well, social media. This article on Linkedin Today is no different. They go into a little more depth on how Linkedin aggregates these articles, and how to easily find useful content.&nbsp;

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    Share in Linkedin Groups

    If you want something to get noticed by a particular demographic, you should probably join and post it in their group<br><br>- Captain Obvious&nbsp;

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    Use Linkedin Signal to Search Keywords on Linkedin

    Linkedin Signal is basically a way to do a keyword or key phrase search of the Linkedin platform through filters that you set on any connection, company or location. This helps you see which, if any, of your content is already having success within their particular networks.&nbsp;

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    How to Get Exposure and Build Web Traffic with LinkedIn Today

    Good news: LinkedIn and LinkedIn Today can drive huge amounts of traffic to a website. The bad news? Generating traffic via LinkedIn -- just like generating traffic via any strategy -- is not easy. But it can be done.&nbsp;<br><br>This is an outstanding step by step of how it's done!&nbsp;

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    How to Build an Online Influence with Linkedin Today

    Some great tips here about using Linkedin Today to your advantage. Here are a few: <br><br>-Connect it with your Twitter account (easily expand your reach when you share articles.<br><br>-Use it to save articles for later.<br><br>-"The articles displayed on Linkedin Today are the ones that have been shared, liked, or commented on the most by Linkedin members". Start engaging with articles that you feel the strongest about. Get people to do the same with your material.<br><br>-"Linkedin gives a higher preference to more recent articles if they've been shared quickly by a broad base of members". Basically, this keeps relevant articles at the top.&nbsp;

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