How to install rails on a mac

This took me forever to figure out! Honestly, for a non-technical person like me, installing rails seemed to be much tougher than learning the language. These are the things you'll need to install it on a mac and run your app/site locally.

  1. Install command line tools and xcode

    This is the first step to prepare your machine for the rest of the installations. You can download this, and xcode together. You can actu...

  2. Set up a Github account

    You can't go wrong with Github. It's the best place to store your code to share and revise. All of Helpified's code is stored here.

  3. How to setup Mac OS X Lion for ruby and rails development

    I'm not sure that you need all of this. You only are going to follow these steps if you don't use the laptop script. It's nice to check t...

  4. Install git

    Another step you'll need to take prior to installing rails. Simply install it from terminal.

  5. Laptop - a complete script for rails development on a mac

    This is an absolute gem. I wish I would have came across this earlier. Basically, installing this on your machine gives you just about al...

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