How to Install Wordpress on Bluehost

Installing WordPress used to be quite a bit more difficult. It was something tedious and something that we dreaded doing every time we had to do it. Not anymore. If you have a decent web host, like Bluehost, you’ll be done in under a minute. Check out steps below explaining how to Install WordPress.

  1. You Installed WordPress on your Website!

    Now, you can log into your WordPress Dashboard by going to the URL: course, subsitute with your...

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  2. Log into Your Control Panel

    To log into your BlueHost account, clickhere.Click "Control Panel Login". This will be on the top right corner of the screen.

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  3. Fill out Administrator Information

    The first box is where you fill out your site name. You can name it whatever you want, but we’d just go ahead and put your domain name in...

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  4. Find WordPress under the Script List

    This page will be populated with a bunch of things you can install on your domain. Find Wordpress under the "Script List". Wordpress shou...

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  5. Fill in the Login Prompt

    To login, you will need to insert your domain and password. Once you login, you will be taken to your Control Panel (AKA Cpanel).

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  6. Find the "Site Builders" box

    By default, they have it located towards the top of your CPanel. It will be under the "Site Builders". Click on "WordPress" where the arr...

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  7. Install WordPress

    Click on the Install button under the "Instal Wordpress" near the bottom of the page. The button will be green.

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  8. Purchasing a Hosting Account and Domain

    You probably already did this. If you have yet to purchase a hosting account or domain then make sure you refer tothis. Remember, you can...

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  9. Installation Preferences for Wordpress

    Install wordpress on your main URL. So it'd be under "Step 2: Advanced Options...

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