How to Join a Google Hangout Session

Google Hangouts is the best free way to host a video conferencing session with multiple people. These are some resources that will specifically help you with joining a session, if you've been sent an invite.

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    An Introduction to Google Hangouts

    Just in case you need a refresher, this is some more information about what Google Hangouts is and how it works.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Google Hangouts

    This is really good. If you want an in-depth explanation of Google Plus, this is probably all you need!

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    How to Join a Google Hangout from Google Plus

    If you're logged into Google Plus, it will be pretty simple to join a Hangout, as Hangouts are part of the Google Plus social network. This video is an explanation of how to do just that!

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    How to Join a Google Hangout Session through Gmail

    You can start or join a Google Hangout session through functionality built within Gmail. You can also accept an invitation to join a hangout in your inbox.

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    Join a Google Hangout Session from your iPhone

    If you have an Android phone, it will work pretty similarly. You can access hangouts using the camera on your phone.

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    How to Use Google Hangouts After Joining a Session

    This is a very nice explanation of how to use Google Hangouts once you've already accepted an invitation to join a session.

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    How to Share your Screen in Google Hangouts

    Screen sharing is really easy with Google Hangouts. This means you can share a live version of your computer screen with the other participants in the Hangout. In fact, you can even hand over controls to them, if you really want.

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