How to Join a GoToMeeting Session

GoToMeeting is online video-conferencing software. If you have questions in one of our sessions, this an option for setting up a virtual meeting to get help. It's completely free to join a meeting, and set up only takes a couple minutes. You just need a webcam, and a decent internet speed. You can also call in from your phone

  1. The GoToMeeting Web Software

    GoToMeeting is online video conferencing software. We love to use it because it's a little better quality than using the free version of ...

  2. The GoToMeeting App for your Mobile Device

    If you have a mobile device or tablet, this is the link to download GoToMeeting if you want to join a meeting that way.

  3. How to Join a GoToMeeting Session on your Computer

    Most of you will simply be joining these virtual meetings, not creating them. Remember, this is completely free and multiple people can j...

  4. How to Join a Meeting from a GoToMeeting Invitation

    This is what an invitation to a meeting looks like, which will appear in your email. Click on the link in the email to go to the session,...

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  5. How to Join a GoToMeeting Session on your iPad

    GoToMeeting video and voice conferencing can be accessed on your computer, mobile device or tablet. If you have an iPad, follow this tuto...

  6. Controls Inside of a GoToMeeting Session

    When you join a session, these controls will appear on your computer screen. This is a really simple explanation of how to use them. As s...

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  7. How to Record a GoToMeeting Session

    It could be valuable to record a GoToMeeting session for you to refer back to at a later date. This is a tutorial of how you can do it!

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