How to Log Into Your Website to Make Edits

This is a very brief tutorial on logging into your website and accessing the administrative dashboard to make edits and updates. Inside of the dashboard, you can control all aspects of your website from adding and editing pages and media, to ordering navigation items.

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    Log in with

    This is always the first step, and something you may want to bookmark. Certainly, you will replace "yourdomain" with your actual domain name. Also, switch to whatever domain extension you have (.com, .org, net., etc.). 

    Your website was built on the Wordpress platform. In this login, "wp-admin" will take you to the page where you log into your Wordpress Administrative Dashboard. You can only access this with a username and password. 

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    Accessing Your Website's Dashboard

    Once you enter the correct username and password, you'll be taken to your website's Dashboard. The Dashboard of your website will look similar to this. You may have some custom additions, more widgets in the middle of the page for easier access, or some different menu options.

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    Finding Items in the Dashboard

    Everything you'll want to do (adding/editing pages or blog posts), adding images, add new administrators, etc., will be accessible on the left sidebar through one of the options there.

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