How to make nice onboarding?

Onboarding encompasses the process from the user registering for your application through the complete set-up. This is imperative to properly design because it's the first true experience for a user with the site, and sets the tone for the remainder of their relationship with you

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    Onboarding New Users Is Harder Than You Think

    Onboarding new users requires balancing user experience with the friction of customer eduction and data gathering to prevent churn and retain more users.

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    Great examples of user onboarding in app design - turning a first-time user into a repeat customer

    Research showed that 22% of downloaded apps are only used once. So a good first time use experience is of crucial importance for the viability of an app or w...

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    Increasing Paid Conversions Through Better Onboarding

    These are the engagement notes for last week's proposal on improving the onboarding process of Planscope, part of the "Be Your Own Consultant Challenge" One of the best arguments I can think of for shipping early instead of waiting around for the "perfect" product is that you'll be one step closer to getting your first cancellation.

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    UX Flows: Onboarding

    Ok. So you've figured out how to get users signed up. Now how do you get them oriented and on the road to being a power user? You have a chance to make a great first impression (after signup) and to really hook users with a great onboarding flow.

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    UX Corner: Onboarding examples

    As a designer here at Knewton, I'm always on the lookout for examples of great UX design from other companies. From a user interaction perspective, a good onboarding experience is one of the most important aspects of a website or application. A user's first click onto a website is a make-or-break moment.

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    Why a good "product onboarding" is important for SaaS

    Really liked how he explains different on boarding techniques. I prefer passive on boarding or with slides in modal which would appear after user visits the first for the first time, and there is something to explain

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    Great examples of user onboarding in app design

    A good first time use experience is of crucial importance for the viability of an app or website. As a result, we've seen an increase in the number of "onboardings" in the last few years. In this post we will show some good onboarding examples and give you some guidelines for design.

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    Letter to a Junior Designer

    I admit it: you intimidate me. Your work is vivid and imaginative, far superior to my woeful scratchings at a similar age. The things I struggle to learn barely make you sweat. One day, you'll be a better designer than me.

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    14 Resources for User Onboarding and User Interface Inspiration

    On top of highlighting new web and mobile apps, the recently launched Product Hunt also surfaces sites that show what goes into making an app. These shared resources, Product Hunt co-founder Ryan Hoover says, are part of the site's pull. "Because the audience is very largely based of founders ...

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