How to Market on Facebook for Tutors

The best ways to use Facebook to market your tutoring business.

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    How to Add Color to Your Tutoring Brand Using Facebook [3 Real Life Examples] | Socrato Learning Analytics Blog

    Though it may be a cake walk to create a Facebook business page, it's not an easy venture to make it engaging to your tutoring prospects. Fortunately you don't need to learn how to do Facebook right all alone.

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    3 Reasons Tutors Need a Facebook Page Today | Socrato Learning Analytics Blog

    With 596 million users and counting, Facebook is becoming much more than a social network - it's become part of the very fabric of modern communication as we know it. Facebook facilitates the sharing of ideas between people, businesses, brands and the rest of the world.

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    Four Ways to make your Tutoring Company Facebook Page Irrelevant!

    Facebook can be a powerful and effective tool for marketing our businesses these days. In most small business circles, it certainly seems like the thing to do; create a page, get "Fans" or "Likers" and then sit back and wait for the sales to start pouring in! Wait. What?

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